Meet the SJM Developments Team

With over 50 year combined experience in all facets of the property development industry, SJM Developments is a dynamic, family-run businesses with a mission to help their clients and investors create wealth to maximise outcomes. 

Simon Madden


Simon Madden

Simon Madden is the Director of SJM Developments, a boutique Property Development Firm based in Melbourne.

With over 26 years in the industry Simon is recognized as a trustworthy and knowledgeable specialist – someone who is skilled in all areas of property development, including contract formation, management, design, construction, programming and negotiation.

As a former carpenter, builder who has continued his formal education in Construction and Management, Simon brings a practical approach to his developments. Building on his skills with roles as a Project Manager and a Design Manager for large firms he began his own building and development company over 14 years ago and hasn’t looked back.

Jodie Madden

PROPERTY Specialist

Jodie Madden

Jodie Madden is a Professional Property Consultant and Co-founder of SJM Developments.

An ambitious investment specialist, Jodie is outcome-driven qualified valuer and an expert in the financing of Property Developments. Backed by a Bachelor Degree in Business (Property) and 25 years of experience, her main area of expertise is creating opportunities from property.

She has deep skills in property analysis, strategy and project finance, which enables her to create maximum returns from her client’s property.  She excels under pressure and combined with her natural determination means her clients feel fully supported and in control during the complex property development cycle. 

Simon Madden and Jodie Madden