How we help

  • At SJM Developments, we apply our extensive experience in the property development industry to provide strategic advice and management to owners of real property. 
  • After dozens of successful projects we have intimate knowledge of all facets of the development process and can actively manage your risk to ensure a successful outcome. 
  • Our services include two options; consulting and advise or join venture to partner with you on the project.
  • We will strategically review your current holding position and after careful consideration, advise you of the best options to maximise the value of your asset. 
  • With the combination of nearly 50 years of experience; from analysis, valuation and finance to planning, design and building, we will help you along every step in the development process:

                                                 1. CONCEPT

Process - Concept

SJM will identify or review existing holdings and prepare a high level review of Client’s proposed project to provide an indication of the development potential and viability of the project. This will include one or more alternative solutions for the project to ensure as many options possible are provided for the Client to determine the correct outcome for the Client having consideration to their stated goals.


Process - compass

SJM will analyse one or more alternate project solutions and provide a detailed analysis of the cost, scope and timing for each option. This includes the Client’s equity requirements, external funding, consultant costs, sales expectations, building costs and timing etc.

3. structure

Process - Structure

SJM in conjunction with the Clients legal and accounting partners will determine the optimum corporate structure for the project. 

4. define

Process - define

SJM will manage the conversion of the final project feasibility into a briefing document for the design consultants such as Architects and Planners to produce town planning documentation for submission to the local authority. 

5. Placement

Process - Placement

After the final project scope is determined through the planning permit or if no Planning permit is required through SJM scoping of the required building design, SJM shall then commence coordination of marketing agencies, architects as part of the pre-sales, leasing process or discussion with a targeted tenants, purchasers and or Estate Agents.
SJM shall also source project funding from 3rd parties for the Clients consideration.

6. produce

Process - produce

SJM will manage the preparation of all construction documentation including the head contract and Principal project requirements. We shall then tender / negotiate a competitive building contract within the required cost, time and scope for the Client to execute. SJM shall then manage the Client and Builder through the construction process.

7. Completion

Process - Completion

SJM will manage the Builders completion and hand over for the final settlement of the sales or hand over of the project to a tenant in order to conclude the project and pay out all construction funding and return all equity and profit to the Client.